• getting up in the morning, excited to open your wardrobe because your wardrobe is full of pieces that make you feel amazing.
  • opening up a wardrobe that is nice and tidy, that smiles at you and instead of thinking “I have nothing to wear”, you are thinking “what am I going to treat myself with today?”
  • knowing what best suits your body shape, how to dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and you therefore step into the world  full of confidence and joy.
  • having a wardrobe with clothes that reflect your personality, that elevate you, are in your colour palette, are bringing forth your best self, that make you feel good about yourself, that communicate who you are, your values and reflect your dreams and aspirations.
  • feeling confident in your own skin, happy with the way you look.

That, and much more is my work.

In order to be accessible to as many people as possbile, I have decided to pack as much of my knowledge and which can be taught in a group into an online programme. 

The aim is, that by the end of the course you will either have had a complete make over or if the complete make over wasn’t needed you will have elevated your style to a level where you feel revived and refreshed, where you feel more confident and experience a heightened level of happiness and freedom and every day you are getting dressed with excitement. “I have nothing to wear”, should not be part of your vocabulary. Instead, you will open up your wardrobe with confidence and joy. You will know what to wear, how to wear it and will learn how to really step into your power through style and playing with fashion.


  • how to dress for your body shape
  • how to maximise and minimise your features
  • how to conduct your very own wardrobe detox (You will be doing this during the course. This in itself is usually £300.00 when I go to peoples’ house)
  • how to accessorise and make the most of your clothes
  • how to dress for your personality and find your style
  • about image and how to dress for your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • more about the psychology of dressing
  • the meaning of colours / colour psychology and how to use them in your life


  • worksheets to support your learning and make as easy and straightforward for you
  • a trend forecast for SS 2018 AND AW 18/19 with upcoming styles and colours
  • a swimwear guide which will explain what styles of swimsuit and bikinis will be most suitable for each body shapes. Perfect for the upcoming season.
  • Face shape guide to help you find your ideal hairstyles and (sun)glasses.

My aim is that you walk away for this course feeling empowered, confident and excited about the months to come; that you feel a sense of passion for style and can see it as something enjoyable rather than a chore. As something that you can find pleasure and comfort in, rather than it becoming a drag.

The 7 days will include:

  • 6 live videos of teachings which you will be able to watch on replay at any time
  • 1 additional Q&A live video
  • Worksheets for you to download to support your learning and development
  • Body shape guide
  • Swimwear guide so you can find the swimwear that will make you feel most fabulous
  • Trend forecast for SS 2018 AS WELL AS AW 18/19 with upcoming styles and colours
  • Face shape guide to help you find your ideal hairstyles and (sun)glasses
  • Your own private facebook group, where this whole course will be held and where you can connect with other amazing ladies and support each other, while having my own support as well 


Start date is Tuesday 29th of MAY 8pm UK time (GMT+1). As mentioned above, I will be teaching LIVE online in your private Facebook group but if you cannot make it, you can still watch the videos back later. 

This is the second time this course will be running and this is what some of the ladies form the first course had to say: 

“Thank you Léa so much. You have inspired me & given me a bit if my confidence back that I never thought i would get again. I honestly can’t thank you enough. 
& a huge thank you to all the girls in this course that have supported me. It means the world to me.
This course has changed my life for the better. I’m honestly in shock that it’s done so much for me.
Thank you Léa. You are an absolute gem & a complete inspiration & legend!”

“Thank you so much. I came into this with an open mind but never imagined it could change my life so much. Gonna buy a new a line dress when I get paid. So excited. Then I’m making my partner take me out to show it off.”

“Hi Lea, thanks so much for letting me be a part of ‘Elevate your style’! I loved every minute of it and have learned so much about how to dress to accentuate my features. I had got stuck in such a style rut, but your expertise has helped me think about how I want to dress and how I can achieve that with simple tricks! It’s given me the confidence to try new things and to love how I look regardless. You are a truly beautiful soul and incredible at what you do 💜

“Hi Léa I absolutely loved your online course, you’ve taught me so much about my body shape and what suits me, given examples of styles and been honest when I’ve asked your opinion. You’re always positive and upbeat. I literally can’t wait to go shopping now instead of dreading it. I’m 50 and stuck in a style rut, this has helped more than you can imagine. Thank you xx I highly recommend this course for anyone of any age.”

“I can’t thank you enough Léa for igniting my inner style & clothing passion. You are an amazing, inspirational woman & you have inspired me so much. For the first time since I put on weight I feel like I actually deserve to look good. & I’m damn proud of that. Thank you again. I think it’ll be night & day by the time the week is done 💙💙”

Elevate Your Style Online Course
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