Many people, sometimes without even knowing, suffer from low self-esteem. Our self-esteem has a direct impact on how we live, it determines how we treat ourselves, what actions we take, what place we hold in the world.

Self-esteem is a characteristic that shapes our lives, it builds confidence and affects our success.

It allows you to be who you truly are. It allows you to be your true self in any way. Your most confident but also your most insecure or vulnerable self, because you accept all parts of you and are happy to show them.

Low self-esteem can be a result of negative life experiences, whether big or small, both when we are young or adults. Critisizing, teasing, negative comments, receiving the silent treatment, emotional or physical abuse and break ups can all affect our self-esteem.

Because low self-esteem is so widely spread, and because I get asked the question “what can I do to boost my self-esteem” a lot, I wanted to address this issue in a blog accessible to everyone.

So, I’m excited to share 10 things you can immediately do to transform yourself and with that your life right now.

1) Stop comparing yourself

I’m sure you can all relate to this. Whether you are comparing yourself at work, friend, complete stranger, on Instagram, facebook or even with a family member, we all do it. You may compare yourself to their looks, their success, what things they own or their family life. It doesn’t matter how you do it, comparing is despairing. If you want to boost your self-esteem you need to throw this habit out of the window. Stop comparing yourself with others. Be your own person and love the skin you’re in.

2) Keep your thoughts positive

We all have this constant monologue running through our brain. The biggest issue is, that for most people this voice is negative. It is important to stay aware of your thinking and not fall into the habit of talking down to yourself.

Make a commitment to start your day with positive thoughts. Use affirmations. An affirmation is a simple positive statement about yourself that you regularly repeat to yourself. This might feel silly at first but it is an excellent way to change the negative thoughts and feelings you may have about yourself. With that you will not only boost your self-esteem and confidence but will also notice other areas in your life changing. You will feel calmer, more grounded and centred.

The morning shower is a great place to work this practice into your life without it taking up too much of your time, so there is no excuse for not doing this.

If you struggle to come up with positive affirmations, then start off with making a list of positive factors about yourself. I’m an excellent listener. Talented artist. Well read. Excellent in the kitchen. List all the good qualities that make you feel good about yourself and feel proud as you reflect on them. Feel good to be you.

Look for your strengths in your every day life and make it a practice to continuously pat yourself on the back for all your amazing qualities and achievements, no matter how small you think they are.

You have to create a habit. A habit of self-appreciation. Every evening, reflect and meditate on what you have achieved that day, what good you have done and how you have benefited to others. Congratulate yourself on every victory or success no matter how small. Every little self compliment will ad up to greater feelings of self worth.

3) Accept all compliments with “thank you”

A huge way to sabotage your self-esteem is to refuse a compliment. The action of turning down a compliment sends a message to your subconscious brain that you are not worthy of the compliment, which in turn lessens your confidence and your feelings of self worth. You de-value yourself.

Accept ALL compliments with “thank you”. That’s it. It might feel uncomfortable at the beginning but allow the compliment to settle; allow yourself to feel good about yourself.

4) Feed yourself with positivity

It is important to engage in activates that make you feel good. Read books that inspire you, watch movies that make you laugh; watch a motivational YouTube clip once a week. Another way to find positive input is to create a new challenge for yourself. This could be learning a new language or skill, take dance lessons, or just working towards self-improvement in some area of your life.

5) Associate with supportive people

Nothing lowers self-esteem faster than hanging out with people that make you feel bad about yourself. Unfortunately, that is a common scenario for people with low self-esteem. They tend to associate with people they feel disempowered by and seek approval from. It’s a scenario that sabotages self worth because you always worry what these people think of you, whether you are good enough for them or you may be constantly criticized and talked down to. Break this habit by finding people who love you from the geko. Hang out with people who love and accept you unconditionally and respect you for who you are.

6) Make a list of past successes

A great way to exercise self-esteem is to celebrate your past successes. Take the time to list all your accomplishments, however small. Bask in the light of your achievements. Seeing your success on paper can even make the smallest victory more gratifying.

7) Celebrate your qualities

Much like the last tip seeing how amazing you are on paper is great. However this tip has the added bonus by showing you what kind of person you are. By knowing your strengths, you’ll be able to focus on actions that give you positive results on life. This works well on personal life and business.

8) Do good for others

Day to day life presents us with opportunities to do good deeds for others. Someone may need help opening a door, someone help find change for the vending machine, whatever the situation, no matter how big or small choose to help when you can. You will feel better for it.

9) Find your passion

We all feel better when we are productive. After finding your strengths you will definitively know where your skills lie. Find your passion in business, volunteer work, at home, study, pass time and do more of it, this will fortify your feeling of self worth. Everyone has a talent, a gift or a skill. Do more of what you love doing. Honor yourself enough to pursue more of what that is. If you aren’t sure what your passion is, then just find one thing that you enjoy doing and do more of that. This will get the passion in you flowing and you will open up to more of that energy in your life and I can guarantee you that you will become more and more in tune with what your passion(s) is / are.

10) Stay true to yourself 

Be who you are and do not apologise for that. Don’t try to be anyone else than yourself. Stay true to your character in whatever situation, it is what defines your integrity. Be moral, be kind and strive to do the right thing in any situation. When you have a strong moral compass you will always be confortable in your own skin. Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back from good self-esteem.

Take the time to work on your self-esteem every day. If you are really going to apply these tips you will be amazed how rapidly things start shifting and how much better you will feel. As a result, not only you will change but also your entire life. Since our self-esteem affects what place we hold in the world, relationships, work, health, even finances will slowly but surely all improve. As internal abundance flourishes, outside abundance aligns itself.

Let me know how it goes in the comments below.

With love,

Léa x

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