I specialize in helping busy leaders and aspiring leaders, both female and male, to elevate their style, so they can look and feel amazing every single day – whether it is in their professional, private or their romantic life.

When we look good, we feel good. And when we experience this over a period of time our self image automatically becomes stronger and stronger, which will have a tremendous effect on all areas of our lives.

While Styling and Image affect ourselves, it also affects peoples’ perception of us. Research shows, that we have 7 seconds to create a first impression and 9 out of 10 of these stay unchanged. Therefore, the way we present ourselves, truly has the power to make or break a situation.

Maybe you lack confidence in your clothes, or are letting yourself go a little because you simply don’t have the time or do not have a huge amount of interest and knowledge in that area. You are, however, aware of the importance of it.

Maybe it’s time for you to become more visible: dating, networking, attending conferences, or pitching for investment and need to work on your personal brand and therefore your overall image. You may have TV appearances, press interviews or public speaking engagements.

Your career is flying. Maybe you have recently been promoted to a leadership or managerial role, but haven’t upgraded your image in accordance to how your career is progressing. Deep down however, you know you need to up your game and need to invest in looking the part.

You need to look good. You want to look good and feel amazing. Yet, at the same time you want a wardrobe that is unique to you, with outfits that feel authentic and show the world who you are. Plus you want to be able to get dressed quickly and with very little thought, since your life is full enough as it already is.

Your biggest issue is, that you simply do not have the time, the knowledge as well as possibly the desire to constantly think of what to wear in order to show the best version of yourself. Your expertise lies in an other area and you know that certain things are best left to others to do for us.

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