Styling and Image work has with no doubt transformed my life in so many ways. It has done something for me and my life that is undescribable. Witnessing my clients experience the same and hearing their feedback, getting their text messages telling me how everyone is loving their new presence, how they show up more confident in business and life and how things are changing as a result, makes my heart sing. It’s not just about looking good. It’s about FEELING good. It’s about becoming wholeheartedly the person we want, can and are MEANT to be. 

I’ts about self-expression. 

Our Style and Image communicate who we are without having to speak. It communicates an important message. 

Yet it also affects how we feel in our own skin. Feeling comfortable in our own clothes, feeling amazing and having this experience over a long period of time will change something within us. Our self image starts changing and so will we. Our self worth raises and our confidence becomes solid. We approach the world differently and the world approaches us differently. It’s one powerful VIRTUOUS circle. 

Prior to becoming a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant, I ran a different business for 4 years, which was not only client facing but I also had regular public speaking engagements, networking events and trips abroad. I was busy and my time was very limited.

I remember so well the many times where I had a million and one things going on (of course, blessed to have such a full life), having to get dressed to see my clients, pack my suitcase to go on a business trip the next day and go to a birthday party in the evening.

I would be standing in front of my wardrobe completely overwhelmed and stressed, feeling like I had nothing to wear. I wanted to look and feel good for my clients and for the party afterwards. In addition, I didn’t want to, once again, go on a trip with a suitcase stuffed with clothes only to wear the same 3 things over and over again. I was so bored of feeling this pressure,

The problem was not, that I didn’t have any clothes. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Like most people I would waste, yes waste(!), a lot of money on clothes. I would quickly shop during lunch hour, impulse buy or splurge online, only to find myself wearing them once or twice, because somehow they didn’t feel right after all. Research shows, most people only wear 20 % of what’s in their closet and despite of being a fashion and style lover from an early age, I probably came close to that percentage myself.

Are you ready to say goodbye to these stressful moments? Are you ready to feel the most confident that you have ever been? Are you ready to increase your IMPACT, PRESENCE and SUCCESS in all areas of life? 

Are you ready to feel AMAZING every single day, whether in business, social or even in your romantic life? 

If so we NEED to talk. 

After having lived in London for 12 years I have no returned back to my natural habitat, Switzerland. However, I travel extensively to see clients all over the world as well as work online, when more suitable.

Schedule your free consultation now, where we can disuss your needs and what you would like to achieve and we shall take it from there. 

 I look forward to hearing from you. 

Léa x 



My mission is to not only provide standard Personal Styling and Image Consultancy but instead a premium, high quality and life changing service that transforms people and their lives.

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