Have you ever wondered what colours really suit you?
Do you visit shops and see so many colours that you never know which ones to buy?
Would you like to know what colours are perfect for your skin-tone?
Do you tend to always go for black because it’s safe but would like to start wearing more colours, are however not sure which ones?

When you wear a certain colour it has to be right with your whole complexion. It has to be your wow colour. When you wear your right colour, your skin radiates, your teeth look whiter, your eyes sparkle. You feel amazing.

When you wear the “wrong” colour your skin looks dull, you can see every line, your teeth look more yellow and you just don’t feel right. As women, when we aren’t wearing the right colour we tend to have the need to pile on more make up.

When you wear your colour people usually will comment on how amazing you look.

Wearing the correct colours can make you feel more energised, look less drawn and dramatically enhance your overall appearance.

Colour analysis is usually included for free in all my services, however you can also buy this as a stand alone service for a special price of £ 49.00.

This is done digitally and at the end you will get a digital guide with your ideal colours. You can then use this colour palette when shopping and will immediately see the benefits of wearing the right colours.

To book your colour analysis or find out more, contact me below.