We all have been hurt by someone, whether it’s by a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, a friend, work colleague, our boss, teacher or parent. It happens. And it hurts. I’ve been there and I know we all have.

It’s painful, sometimes even excruciating depending on the incidence and who the other person is.

At those times, we can either choose to run with it, react, lash out, play the victim and blame the other person for everything, and in doing so completely give our power away, or, we can choose forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the key to freedom. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you are condoning or agreeing with their behaviour. Forgiveness is usually less about the other person than it is for us.

When we hang on to resentment or past hurt, we continue to damage and hurt ourselves.

Choosing forgiveness means that you are choosing to not let what happened to you ruin your experience of life. You let go of the anger and hatred that you may carry in your heart – emotions that become very toxic and have the power to make you sick when you hang on to them.

I forgive and I release

Hanging on to resentment will keep you small, bitter and alone. If you are feeling stuck in an area of life, you may want to ask yourself, “who or what do I need to forgive, that relates to this area of life?” If you can’t think of anyone, it might be yourself that you need to forgive.

For example, if you find yourself having difficulties attracting a new healthy relationship, you are probably hanging on to something. Maybe you haven’t forgiven an old ex boyfriend that broke your heart; maybe several; or maybe you judge yourself for not having been able to maintain the relationship(s).

Having a strong practice of forgiveness is essential for anyone who wants to live a happy, abundant and fulfilled life. Hatred, anger and resentment keep us stuck in a negative energy of lack, making it very hard to manifest any form of abundance into our beautiful lives.

I know forgiveness doesn’t always come easy, however (I’m going to repeat it again) forgiveness truly is the key to freedom. Therefore, I’m going to share with you 3 very simple steps that I use in my own life that will help you to let go of your grudges very quickly and easily. Enjoy!

1)  We all mess up
First of all, it is about recognising that we all mess up. It is in our human nature. We will all hurt or let someone down at some point in our lives, whether unintentionally or intentionally. Nobody is perfect.

The metaphysical text “A Course In Miracles” states that we either act out of love or out of fear. People generally don’t act out to deliberately hurt us but even if they do, they will always come from a place of fear, insecurity or pain. Knowing this allows me to feel more compassion with the other person (and myself) and therefore forgive more easily.

2) Letting go = power
Recognise that when you hang on to resentment you are giving away your power. Is this really what you want? In choosing forgiveness, you are not only owning your power, you are stepping into it. When you forgive, you are immediately raising your vibrational frequency, which will make you a magnet for positivity, abundance, love, joy and anything else that vibrates on a high level frequency. When you are living in resentment, your vibes are low and your life around you will reflect that.

3) Release and make room for something new (and better)
Holding on to grudges will block you from manifesting something new, it will block the flow of life and keep you stuck. It is in your own best interest to let it go. Affirm out loud or in your mind “I forgive and I release” over and over again while you breathe deeply and until you feel release. Visualise how you are releasing the whole situation and feel it moving away from you. Let it go, take your power back and make space for something new.

You might have to use these steps several times. Don’t feel disheartened if a resentment pops up again, after you’ve already been through the process. That can happen. Simply go through the steps again and stay willing and open to forgive.

I hope this serves you, please leave a comment on the blog and let me know how you are getting on! More on self-forgiveness soon.

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Léa x

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