Almost 50 % of my clients are male. It truly delights me to see that more and more men, want to experience the benefits and impact of personal styling and image consulting.

The way we dress has a huge impact on ourselves and the world around us. Research shows that we have 7 seconds to make a first impression and 9 out 10 opinions stay unchanged. 55% of the judgment is concluded based on appearance and body language.

This is huge! And, we can take this into our advantage.

The great thing about looking good and wearing the right clothes for us is, that we feel good. Our confidence increases and our body language will be strong. Being in such a confident place, we act and perform in a highly impactful way.

Benefits of having a Personal Stylist & Image Consultant:

  • Exert more influence at work
  • Save time – have a wardrobe equipped with outfits that you truly love, that make you feel amazing, that are in the correct colour palette, that suit your lifestyle and reflect who you are, picking your outfits each day will be easy and save you all these moments of “I have nothing to wear” again.
  • Stand out
  • Attracting a partner
  • Feel your best in what you’re wearing- after work socially or conducting business with clients, how amazing would it be to always feel your best
  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Improved self image
  • Get the edge you want- find your own unique style, your signature look

Gentlemen, don’t wait any longer, this is your time. To discuss your needs and what you are looking for, please contact me below.