Do you ever feel stuck and unable to take action, even though you really want to or know that it will highly benefit you?

If so, then it is most likely that it is fear that is at the root of your inability to move ahead. In particular fear of failure, fear of judgment or fear of success, 3 of the most common fears.

Let’s take fear of failure for example. When we are faced with doing something that is important to us, we ask ourselves the devastating question “what if I fail?” and create this unrealistic doom and gloom outcome. “If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to loose everything: my home, my relationships, my money, I will only be able to eat plain rice for the rest of my days and will basically die.” Even though this sounds quite extreme, this is pretty much where our mind goes.

Then, we do something even more powerful: We hit repeat. We repeat the scenario over and over again; this fuels anxiety and totally shuts us down, so we end up paralysed and unable to take action.

Repetition breeds belief. The more we repeat something, the more we believe it. We can start with a thought, vision or scenario in our mind and regardless whether it is true or not, if we continuously repeat and focus on it, we end up accepting it as the absolute truth. So it is no surprise that if our mind creates a doom and gloom scenario due to the fear of failure, which we then accept as truth, we find ourselves stuck, procrastinating and, as mentioned above, paralysed.

Since this is something most people will experience at some point or another, I felt it was important to address this in a blog and make tools available to everyone. Below I’m going to share with you some powerful steps, that will help you overcome any forms of fears that may hold you back from taking action and use them as fuel instead.

Get a pen and some paper ready.

Step 1
First of all, answer the question “what if I fail?” realistically and write it out. (Swap fail for any other fear you may have, such as getting judged, rejected, not being liked, what ever resonates with you.)

Step 2
Then ask yourself the question “how will I recover?” and write it out again.

Answering both of these questions will be empowering and may be already enough to propel you to move forward, since you will be clear about what realistically could happen in the case of failure. Reality is never as bad as our doom and gloom fantasy. Being armed with a recovery plan, will give you comfort and confidence.

Step 3
Ask yourself “what if I do nothing?”
This outcome is for most people a far more terrifying scenario than the “what if I fail and recovery” outcome. Imagine yourself not moving ahead at all and continue exactly as you have done. How would you feel in three, five or even ten years time? How would you feel about yourself?

If you are unsatisfied or a little frustrated with yourself now, and if you continue that way, imagine how you will feel down the line?

Step 4
Now, ask yourself the question “what if I succeed?” and make sure you write this down in great detail again.

Place yourself five years from now into the future and paint a picture as if you’ve all done it. That scenario is done. You’ve achieved it. You’ve succeeded. What does it look like? What does it feel like? How do you feel about yourself?

Step 5
Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do the same thing as you do when you are in fear. Repeat and focus on the positive outcome over and over again. Keep your positive vision close to you and let it inspire, motivate and empower you to move forward.

I love the quote: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”, so be bold, be fierce, take risks and rather live a life of “oh wells” than “what ifs”.

You are worth it.

As always, I hope this serves you. Please leave a comment below and share with us what other techniques you use, to help you overcome fear or procrastination.

Léa x



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