I work with clients all over the world: London (where I also trained as a Personal Stylist and lived for 12 years), Switzerland (where I live now), New York, Australia and Singapore to name a few. I travel to clients, for clients as well as work online.

My services are designed to transform you and your life, not just make you look handsome or pretty. I want you to have total clarity of who you want to be in life and have unstoppable confidence in yourself whether it is at your work, your private or romantic life, I want you to feel amazing wherever you are, so you can perform and act at your highest level at all times.

The results I get by being in your life for the time we work together are long lasting and will prevail even afterwards.

Some of the services that can and will be included in your bespoke package are:

– Image Consulting
Wardrobe Detox 
– Personal Shopping
– Outfit Building
– Colour and Body Shape Analysis
– Concierge service (delivery of your items to you and take care of possible returns)
– Special Occasion Styling
– Suitcase packing for business trips or holidays
– Online services
– Access to me in between via Whats app whenever you need extra support

Each time, I’m designing a unique, perfectly fitted service for each of my clients in accordance to their needs.

I won’t ask you to transform into something you’re not and don’t aspire to be. I will however, work my magic, bring forth your personality, increase your impact and presence in your life and make you feel amazing. My aim is to transform your life. I simply ask that you open your mind to the possibility that you can be so much more than you already are. If you’re serious about going where you’ve never been, going higher and further than you or anyone else thought you could, it’s time to trust the voice inside telling you to go to that next level.

To discuss how I can help you, please contact me to set up a free consultation.