“I absolutely loved working with Léa!

I’ve been doing a great deal of personal development work on myself over the last few years and decided I needed to get back to my roots and be more feminine again. Léa really listened to my dreams, aspirations & wants and then gave me a range of different looks to suit my budget. I was able to cleanse my wardrobe & start only wearing things that really suit me and that I really love (even in the the gym!) Léa is worth every penny & is my most trusted stylist. I absolutely recommend working with her for a glow inside and out.” Jenny Dell,  Sales Executive

“I went to Lea for personal styling as I felt I was in need of new wardrobe for both social and dating situations.
Lea helped me to identify what my new & improved personal style should be in a way that really reflects my personality. She introduced me to new brands that I instantly resonated with! 
As someone that has traditionally hated going shopping with females, my personal shopping experience with Lea was so much fun. It was clear that Lea had massively prepared for the day, which meant that the session was extremely productive, and she was able to make it both easy and enjoyable, providing me with a great selection of new clothes.” Ben Shorter, Sales Director, GTeX

“Thank you Léa so much. You have inspired me & given me a bit if my confidence back that I never thought i would get again. I honestly can’t thank you enough & a huge thank you to all the girls in this course that have supported me. It means the world to me. This has changed my life for the better. I’m honestly in shock that it’s done so much for me. Thank you Léa. You are an absolute gem & a complete inspiration & legend!” Pam Scott, Make Up Artist

“Thank you so much. I came into this with an open mind but never imagined it could change my life so much. So excited. Then I’m making my partner take me out to show it off.”

“Hi Lea, thanks so much. I loved every minute of it and have learned so much about how to dress to accentuate my features. I had got stuck in such a style rut, but your expertise has helped me think about how I want to dress and how I can achieve that with simple tricks! It’s given me the confidence to try new things and to love how I look regardless. You are a truly beautiful soul and incredible at what you do.”

“Hi Léa I absolutely loved working with you, you’ve taught me so much about my body shape and what suits me, given examples of styles and been honest when I’ve asked your opinion. You’re always positive and upbeat. I literally can’t wait to go shopping now instead of dreading it. I’m 50 and stuck in a style rut, this has helped more than you can imagine. Thank you xx

“I can’t thank you enough Léa for igniting my inner style & clothing passion. You are an amazing, inspirational woman & you have inspired me so much. For the first time since I put on weight I feel like I actually deserve to look good. & I’m damn proud of that. Thank you again. I think it’ll be night & day by the time the week is done.”