Hey all,

Recently I listened to a short talk by the best selling Author of “A conversation with God”, Neal Donald Walsh, in which he said the following: “The Universe only knows one word. Yes. It only says yes. It has a very limited vocabulary. The Universe has a universal response to every thought and that is Yes.”

Say yes to what? To whatever you think, say and do. Boom.

Whether you think or say I want more money, a better job, a nicer home, a boyfriend or husband, the Universe says: “Yes, indeed you do, that is correct.” It solely confirms the lack you are experiencing in that moment.

If you say “I am sick and tired of my life going that way or being alone or not having any money”, the Universe says: “Yes, that’s true.” As you declare that, of course you are going to have the experience of being alone, sick and tired of your life or not having more money and you are talking yourself right out of what you are trying to talk yourself into.

You see, everything you could ever ask for, you could ever have now or could ever ask for in the future, you already have right now. You already have all of it. You’re simply not experiencing it.

Everything that ever happened is happening now and everything that will happen is happening now. So it is for you merely to reach into the sea of infinite possibilities and call forth the reality that you want to experience. And you do this through three devices mainly: Thought, word and actions. What you say, what you think and believe and what you do.

If what you say is “I want this and that” or “please Universe / God / Source / Angels give me what I need to be happy”, you will have a struggle acquiring what you need to be happy. You see, saying “I want” implies that you are lacking something and when you come from a place of lack, all that you create is more lack and more experiences that are a vibrational match to lack.

The good side of the Universe having a very limited vocabulary is that it never says no.

Quit saying I want, quit focusing on lack and start saying I HAVE.

Even though you may not see it with your physical eye, you already have everything that you want. Think as if you do, speak as if you do, act as if you do. Step into your own authentic power and allow your desires to manifest. The Universe has your back.

With love & expect miracles,

Léa xo